Voice Alarm System

TOA, which boasts 50 years' experience in the development of emergency broadcast systems worldwide, now introduces a system that fully integrates emergency and general-purpose broadcast functions. The TOA VM-3000 Series is a combined emergency voice alarm system and public address system that was developed as one of the members of the Venas Integrated Voice Evacuation System family. TOA has developed and will continue to develop emergency broadcast systems, always ensuring that its products comply with the voice evacuation safety standards. As such, VM-3000 was one of the first voice evacuation system to be certified with EN 54-16.

The VM-3000 Series is ideal for small and medium-sized applications, such as shopping centers, retail stores, schools and fitness clubs. It incorporates such emergency voice alarm functions as continuous speaker line monitoring and a built-in voice alarm. This easy to install and set up, all-in-one system also offers PA broadcasting, paging and BGM functions that operate with uncompromisingly high audio quality to ensure consistently high intelligibility. The system operates up to 4 RM-200M Remote Microphones including up to two RM-300MF Fireman's Microphones.

The VM-3000 Series is digitally audio processed and controlled, with fully digital audio mixing and a built-in high-quality electronic voice message feature. The system may be set up directly using the controls and LCD display on the front panel, which also enables easy operation of the system. Operational versatility is further enhanced by a dedicated PC software configuration capability for uploading and downloading settings via LAN. The incorporation of wide-ranging functional capabilities, superb reliability and versatility make the VM-3000 a highly cost-effective emergency broadcast system.

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