The TOA TS-910 Series conference system permits both its infrared wireless system unit and wired system unit
via CAT-5 LAN cable connections to be used in combination.

The wired Chairman and Delegate units (collectively referred to as “Conference units”) are connected to the
Central unit via the wired Expansion unit and Bridge unit.

The Infrared Conference units provide wireless communication via the Infrared Transmitter/Receiver unit
connected to the Central unit. Since wiring to the individual Conference units is not required, they can be easily
installed in freely versatile configurations.

A total of up to 192 Infrared and Wired Conference units can be connected to the Central unit of each system.
The Infrared Transmitter/Receiver unit is required for connection of the Infrared Conference units.

The Expansion unit and Bridge unit are necessary for connection of the Wired Conference units.
The Central unit is used to perform system function settings, status display, etc.



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